How to choose the right wig ?

Using wigs has become one of the indispensable beauty stages for girls. The wig market today is very diverse in materials, styles and designs, you can comfortably ring a hair like that. But not all girls know how to choose a wig that suits the face, helps conceal defects and naturally looks like real hair. Below will show you how to choose a wig that is as natural as real hair to help her stay radiant and confident every time you go out on the street.

  1. Choose a wig size

The prerequisite to having a nice, right wig, it must fit the head. This is a very important but often overlooked note. The girls when choosing wigs sometimes only care about the style, material, and color of their hair, but forget the size. If the wig is wide or tight compared to the head, it will lead to many problems when you use it, such as messing, incorrect form, or causing headaches, hair loss, ...

For girlfriend wigs, there are 3 basic sizes: Large, Medium, Small. Most (90 - 95%) use Medium size, very small set use Big and Small sizes.


Teehair offer various size from 8'' to 34'' and different color of hair extensions

  1. The material for the production of wigs

The wig market is produced from three types of materials: nylon silk (English name: Toyokalon) artificial silk (English name: Kanekalon) and real human hair.

Wig is made of 3 main materials, and wigs made from real hair are the most optimal to bring naturalness to each hair.

Each material has different advantages and limitations:

- Toyakalon nylon silk is considered to be the precursor to today's wigs. With this material, the hair is always smooth, easy to brush, less tangled, but the big, coarse hair is unnatural, and cannot withstand the effects of heat and chemicals, so it is not styled. Nylon wigs are less commonly used by her today and have been replaced by more natural, friendly materials.


- Kanekalon rayon has 99% real hair-like structure and appearance, so hair models with this material are very popular. Overcoming the limitations that nylon hair leaves behind, the artificial-fiber hair brings users satisfaction. But this hair material is often tangled, so attention should be paid to how to preserve and care for the hair.

Real hair wigs: a material that is considered absolute for wig products. You can freely style, curl, stretch, dye, ... without worry. The hair is always fluffy, soft, attracting all eyes every time you appear.


                                      100% Teehair products is from Vietnam human hair at highest quality

  1. How to choose a beautiful wig

You have thin hair, weak hair texture, so you cannot create the right hairstyle, then choose a beautiful wig right now. Teehair always updates new models to catch up with changing hair trends every day.

But you are careful with wigs that are straightened, because they look quite unnatural, but "out of style". You can choose from fluffy curls, or light curls with soft natural curls, which will make it difficult to spot the truth behind your beautiful hair.


  1. Choose hair color similar to real hair

One of the notes in how to choose a beautiful wig is the hair color. Especially the wig products when used in conjunction with real hair such as wigs, hair clips, bald bangs, ... You should choose wigs with a color similar to real hair to bring natural.

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